About Us

Leadenhall Law Group is a leading law firm, with an integrated practice in Central and West London as well as our established head office in Norwich. With our team of skilled Solicitors, we guarantee our clients experience and expertise in all areas of residential and commercial property law, housing law and family law, as well as a specialist wills, trusts and probate team.​

Our focus is on supporting our clients in their decision making process and making sure each and every client understands the legal pathway. This means that we do not content ourselves with standard solutions, but instead we strive to develop and provide the best possible solutions for every challenge, tailored to each client’s needs.​

On the one hand, this demands extensive specialist knowledge, motivation and commitment, and on the other, an excellent understanding of our clients’ requirements. Through our organisational structure, which allies our core teams with particular specialists, we are able to manage clients and transactions efficiently and effectively.​

At LLG, we are proud to be able to look back over a very successful history. Over the past 25 years, LLG has been involved in a large number of significant transactions and legal matters. This is what really distinguishes us as one of the leading law firms in our respective fields. Our Housing Law Department has the Legal Aid Agency contract to provide Duty Legal Advice as well as advocacy at hearings at County Courts in Norfolk and Suffolk. Our Family Department is on the highly sought after Children's Law Panel for care proceedings, as well as being accredited as a Resolution Specialist department and provides a free legal clinic at Earlham Early Years Centre in Norwich. The Conveyancing department, both residential and commercial, are Conveyancing Quality Accredited and the firm as a whole is Lexcel Accredited, which means we exceed the practice management standards outlined by The Law Society. All of these factors show that professional agencies and bodies that require the best representation for clients, understand that we can deliver it time and again and put their trust in us to do so. 

We enjoy an enviable reputation for our handling of large-scale residential and commercial property transactions both in London and Norwich. The fact that we understand our clients’ needs has helped us achieve a high rate of success. It is no coincidence that we are the first port of call for a number of long-term clients whom we advise comprehensively on all of their day-to-day legal matters. This expertise – combined with our years of experience in our legal fields and our network of professional partners and agencies – ensures that our clients receive high-quality and sound legal advice across our range of disciplines.